[strongSwan] What is expected ? Host with traffic type "Transport" and SecGW with traffic type "

Nanda Gopal nandanator at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 00:31:41 CET 2016

> Hello,
> I have a use-case (I'd rather call it an abuse case :) ), where I create
> two tunnels , 1 IKEv1 and 1 IKEv2. I configure each entry in the DUT as
> traffic type "Tunnel" [which means I don't want my DUT to create a tunnel
> with Transport mode at all]
> I create the corresponding policies in the ipsec.conf of the SecGW, with
> the only difference that the traffic type is mentioned as "Transport" .
> The IKEv1 tunnel fails to establish, but the IKEv2 succeeds.
> Could you help me understand this behaviour, why even with a difference in
> the traffic type mismatch, IKEv2 got established and IKEv2 didn't ?
> I expected that none would get establish.
> Regards,
> Nanda
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