[strongSwan] strongswan 4.5.2 multiple right subnets

Jayapal Reddy jayapalatiiit at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 06:27:57 CEST 2016


I am using strongswan ipsec 4.5.2. In this version multiple right subnets
with comma (,) separated is working only for the first subnet.
We have  setup where up upgraded from openswan to strongswan. In this setup
only first right subnet is working.
We are using left right debain virtual router and right side Juniper SRX
and we are using ikev1. We can't split that into multiple connections
because right side Juniper srx config can't be changed because it is in
customer location.

Can some one suggest us how to resolve this. Is there patch available for
this ?
I have tried strongswan 5.2 from backports. in this setup my tunnel is not
coming up.

It is bit urgent, your inputs are highly appreciated.

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