[strongSwan] about net2net between internet

Ruiming Tu rbn_tu at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 8 12:01:27 CEST 2016

Hi, guys,
I found with strongswan it seems I can't make net2net in a same local net.I have a EC2 server with a public IP x.x.x.x, and I also have a local server with  public IP y.y.y.y. 
so the typo is like :
AWS EC2  <------------> office gateway <-------->local server<----------->local server vmeth0:           public: y.y.y.1                  eth0:y.y.y.y             
public: x.x.x.x                                                           br0:
I want to have all trafic go through EC2's route, but I don't find a way to do this. Because strongswan can't generate a virtual netcard. and for virtual IP is always for one side. I cant configure route table via virtaul IP.so what should I do to make trafic from y.y.y.y go to x.x.x.x first?

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