[strongSwan] IPSec vpmc PSK configuration issues

Johannes Kastl mail at ojkastl.de
Thu Jun 2 09:52:13 CEST 2016

On 01.06.16 22:39 Fabian Dre├čler wrote:

> I hope you can help me with my Strongswan Configuration. The goal is to
> have a VPN Server for my Smartphone (Android) and my Computer (Ubuntu)
> in America. (I am from Germany)

Android can use IKEv2 with RSA-certificates. What does Ubuntu/VPNC

Can you connect using android and the official strongswan client? May
help in debugging, if you know your server works with android.

>     Jun  1 20:33:49 ip-172-31-56-231 charon: 12[IKE] X.X.X.X is
>     initiating a Aggressive Mode IKE_SA

Aggressive mode. I do not think that is needed/good.

>     Jun  1 20:33:49 ip-172-31-56-231 charon: 12[CFG] looking for
>     XAuthInitPSK peer configs matching[fabian]
>     Jun  1 20:33:49 ip-172-31-56-231 charon: 12[IKE] no peer config found

Your configs are not valid, somehow.

> //etc/ipsec.conf//:/
>     conn fabian
>      keyexchange=ikev1

>      authby=xauthpsk
>      xauth=server

Are these two lines needed?

>      left=%defaultroute
>      leftsubnet=
>      leftfirewall=yes
>      right=%any
>      rightsubnet=
>      rightsourceip=

Is rightsubnet needed, if you have rightsourceip?

>      rightdns=
>      auto=add
>      leftauth=psk
>      rightauth=psk
>      rightauth2=xauth

I thought these lines are enough and you could omit the two lines
above (authby and xauth).

>     Jun  1 22:38:27 Fabian-PC NetworkManager[918]: /usr/sbin/vpnc:
>     response was invalid [1]:  (ISAKMP_N_INVALID_EXCHANGE_TYPE)(7)

I found this with a short google search, which is also about vpnc:

But the OP did not find/post a solution.


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