[strongSwan] Setup site-to-site VPN via central server

Martin Sand dborn at gmx.net
Fri Jul 29 11:17:22 CEST 2016

Hi Tobias

I now went to the other location (vpn-second, some 500km away from 
vpn-first). There I could establish the tunnel to the hub (internal IP as well.

But when I ping vpn-first, I do not get a reply. traceroute gives me the following output

  1?: [LOCALHOST]                                         pmtu 1500
  1:  router-first	                                 5.934ms
  1:  router-first	                                 1.953ms
  2:                                         3.197ms
  3:  no reply

I am a bit lost here. Is this a routing or an iptables issue and how can 
I make sure the vpn-second connection is working if I resolve the issues 
(how do I test the tunnel from vpn-second network back to vpn-second)?

Best regards

#ipsec status

Security Associations (2 up, 0 connecting):
     vpn-second[366]: ESTABLISHED 10 minutes ago,[vpn.example.org]...[C=DE, O=StrongSwan, CN=second]
     vpn-second{1451}:  INSTALLED, TUNNEL, reqid 364, ESP in UDP SPIs:
c05f5d7f_i c9021326_o
     vpn-second{1451}: ===
    vpn-first[365]: ESTABLISHED 34 minutes ago,[vpn.example.org]...[C=DE, O=StrongSwan, CN=first]
    vpn-first{1452}:  INSTALLED, TUNNEL, reqid 363, ESP in UDP SPIs:
c78cb088_i c93bb409_o
    vpn-first{1452}: ===

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