[strongSwan] firewall issue?

Noel Kuntze noel at familie-kuntze.de
Fri Jul 8 14:56:51 CEST 2016

Hello Harald,

> Maybe I am too blind to see, but I haven't found this in
> the wiki. This is the code I added to the forward chain:
> iptables -A FORWARD -s ${right_lan} -d ${left_lan}  -i eth0 -m policy --dir in  --pol ipsec --proto esp -j ACCEPT
> iptables -A FORWARD -s ${left_lan}  -d ${right_lan} -o eth0 -m policy --dir out --pol ipsec --proto esp -j ACCEPT
Correct, that is not explicitely written on the wiki, but I wrote something similiar in "SecurityRecommendations".

> iptables -A FORWARD -d -m policy --pol none --dir out -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-admin-prohibited

So the module should be known to anyone actually caring about understanding what it does, instead of blindly copying

and pasting rules.

Your rule looks fine, if your routing table routes ${right_lan} over eth0. But please use iptables-save and -restore.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind Regards,
Noel Kuntze

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