[strongSwan] notifying watcher failed: Broken pipe

Yeagley, Josiah jyeagley at harris.com
Fri Jan 29 16:30:05 CET 2016


 Thank you very much this was the problem and after I commented out that line of code it is now working!!! :-D

I know messages on this mailing list get archived and placed on the internet so they are searchable.... so I'll detail what I did to fix it below:

I build my OpenWRT image from source and strongSwan is baked into that image by adding it through menuconfig. I went into my OpenWRT build directory and searched for "starter/starter.c" (find . | grep starter/starter.c). After locating that file I opened it in vi and commented out line 615 so it looks like so:

603         /* fork if we're not debugging stuff */
 604         if (!no_fork)
 605         {
 606                 log_to_stderr = FALSE;
 608                 switch (fork())
 609                 {
 610                         case 0:
 611                         {
 612                                 int fnull;
 614                                 close_log();
 615                                 //closefrom(3);
 617                                 fnull = open("/dev/null", O_RDWR);
 618                                 if (fnull >= 0)
 619                                 {
 620                                         dup2(fnull, STDIN_FILENO);
 621                                         dup2(fnull, STDOUT_FILENO);
 622                                         dup2(fnull, STDERR_FILENO);
 623                                         close(fnull);
 624                                 }
 626                                 setsid();
 627                                 init_log("ipsec_starter");
 628                         }
 629                         break;

After making this change I rebuilt the OpenWRT image (thus also rebuilding strongSwan) and installed it on my GW5300s and reconfigured it according to the example here: https://www.strongswan.org/uml/testresults/ikev2/net2net-psk/

After typing 'ipsec up net-net' the connection comes up and alice and bob can now ping each other! 

Keywords: strongSwan ipsec not working notifying watcher failed broken pipe Charon not starting booting gateworks ventana 14.08 OpenWRT chaos calmer Linux OpenWrt 3.14.16 

~Josiah s. Yeagley

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