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Andrei Vida-Raţiu andreiv3103 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 19:56:01 CET 2016

Hello everyone
I have experience with Linux servers administration, I worked with PPTP and OpenVPN, but this is the very first time that I have to use IPSec.
So I would like to know if, at least, what I think about is possible. Here is my situation.
The company I work for has a VPS, on OpenVZ, running CentOS 6.7.
They want to use this server as a gateway, that would connect their developers to a costomer that, for security reasons, require a single point of connection (a single IP) to their network.
Further more, this client uses a paloalto firewall and accepts only IPSec connections.
So what I thought is to connect our VPS to this client, using strongswan, a gateway to gateway tunnel connection and, if possible, user strongswan to also accept connection from the developers (devs connect from different locations).
Then the server should route the devs to this client in order to allow them to access various internal servers.
Is this possible with strongswan? To act as gw-to-gw but also as classic VPN and route between the two?
I just want to know if I should start experimenting or look for another solution.

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