[strongSwan] any possible to access others server on the same network?

陈锐 ioiioi at live.cn
Mon Jan 4 04:30:02 CET 2016

we have
a lot of servers to be admin from remote, and there is an Internet link to my
firewall, unforturnatlly, the firewall do not support ipsec/ikev2, so I would
like to install a VM and strongswan on it. the vm plays strongswan gw now.


servers and strongswan gw are on the same network,, strongswan
gw's ip is


I have
been successfully got the support engineer(win7/ikev2) to log on the strongswan
gw, but they can't access the other servers, any possible to do that?


iptables rules exmaple would be appreciate.


in advanced.

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