[strongSwan] Python VICI

Sam Johnson sam at 80pct.com
Tue Feb 16 21:24:30 CET 2016

Hello all!

I have been using the python VICI library with a lot of success, but I am
running into one minor issue. I have a lot of connections setup (~70k), and
I want to be able to list the status of a single connection. I saw on the
python documentation that `list_conns` takes a filter argument. Per the
documentation on Vici I have this function call:

>>> conn_gen = s.list_conns({"ike": ['29709fce5f05498bbfe57a560524c712']})
>>> len(list(conn_gen))

For some reason it is still returning every single connection. I obviously
can iterate through this and grab the one I want, but the initial
load_conns takes a long time (5-10 seconds). I was hoping that by filtering
to the connection I wanted it would return quicker.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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