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Noel Kuntze noel at familie-kuntze.de
Wed Dec 14 00:52:17 CET 2016

On 14.12.2016 00:04, Hoggins! wrote:
> I... guess I would know how to do it, but pardon me, I couldn't find
> what I need on the vast Internetz. I know how to mark packets and to
> route them accordingly, but I might be missing something here, because
> I'm still stuck at a point where iproute tells me that the remote
> network is unreachable.

That's because "via" is only usable when there's a broadcast domain. IPsec doesn't have one.
There aren't multiple next hops in an IPsec tunnel. There's only one. The remote peer.

> I know you're not here to provide a bunch of commands to help me get
> started, but maybe just a "recipe" ? Something like "first, mark your
> packets coming from blah and using bleh, then add a rule to handle
> these, then... etc."
set mark_out on the tunnel configuration, then mark the packets you want to put into the SA with that mark in iptables.

> The thing is that I looked at the archives of this list and I found a
> schema that you provided, showing the whole netfilter chains with IPSec
> in the middle... but even then, I'm not sure I can successfully use that
> information.


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