[strongSwan] [strongswan 5.3.5] What are the supported attributes in Disconnect-Request?

q5an at uwaterloo.ca q5an at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Apr 27 17:31:18 CEST 2016

Hello all,

I'm trying to set up a strongswan server that is capable of receiving  
disconnect request and disconnect users. I have already got it working  
by using command like

echo "User-Name=blahblah" | radclient xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3799 disconnect secret

But there are cases where the same user has multiple sessions on the  
same strongswan server. The request above will terminate all of them  
which is not intended. I tried other attributes like:

Acct-Session-Id = 123456789-2

Calling-Station-Id = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx

Calling-Station-Id = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx[xxxx] (this is what shown in an  
accounting update packet)

Framed-IP-Address = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Framed-IP-Address = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/32

Unfortunately, none of them worked. And I can't seem to find in the  
documentation what are the supported unique identifiers that can be  
used in the disconnect request to disconnect a session (instead of a  
user). Does any one or developers have any idea?

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