[strongSwan] Framed-Ip-Address not sent to client?

Laurens Vets laurens at daemon.be
Tue Apr 19 16:50:13 CEST 2016

>> When I change "rightsourceip=" to "rightsourceip=%radius",
>> strongSwan is still giving out ip addresses from that initial pool
>> instead of using the Framed-Ip-Address (they are different subnets):
> How did you reload the config?  Is there another config that defines 
> the
> pool (maybe post your complete config)?

It was an issue on my end. When I did "service strongswan stop" and 
"service ipsec stop", charon was still running. I have no idea. Killed 
charon manually, started everything again and it's fine now. Both 
service commands also stop charon now.

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