[strongSwan] Setting left or right to %any won't work

Zorceta Moshak zorceta at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 15:02:27 CET 2015

Hi all,
I was configuring strongSwan and found this problem: once I set `left` 
or `right` to `%any`, `%defaultroute` or any equavalent values (such as in ipsec.conf, this will happen:
$ sudo ipsec up iOS
unable to resolve %any, initiate aborted
tried to check-in and delete nonexisting IKE_SA
establishing connection 'iOS' failed
whatever other settings are.
I've googled and looked through mail lists, but no luck.
So what might be the reason of this?
strongSwan is of version 5.3.4, compiled and ran on a Ubuntu 15.04 
linode box.

Best regards,
Zorceta Moshak

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