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Tormod Macleod TMacleod at paywizard.com
Sat May 30 17:05:15 CEST 2015

I just thought I'd point out that the documentation for ipsec.conf seems to be incorrect. Either that or I'm mis-reading it.
It suggests that closeaction is only applicable to IKEv2. However, I've been testing it with IKEv1 using the hold action in the event that the peer sends a delete for the IKE SA due to idle timeout being reached. The connection is deleted but is listed under routed connections. When I comment out closeaction, the connection is deleted and not listed under routed connections.

closeaction = none | clear | hold | restart
defines the action to take if the remote peer unexpectedly closes a CHILD_SA (IKEv2 only, see dpdaction for
meaning of values). A closeaction should not be used if the peer uses reauthentication or uniqueids checking,
as these events might trigger the defined action when not desired.

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