[strongSwan] ubuntu 14.04 testing environment

Tobias Brunner tobias at strongswan.org
Tue May 26 11:04:26 CEST 2015

Hi Michael,

>>> What fails isn't obvious.  Looking at one test I was interested in,
>>> net2net-cert-sha2, it looked like the test actually did pass (or I just
>>> can't find the failure.)
>> You may compare your results to the ones at [1].
> I did, other than the plugin failed to load message, results look 
> similar to what I see at [1]

Well, similar is not the same.  And as suspected, you are not using
5.3.0 but 5.2.0.  As per your console.log:

> moon# ipsec start
> Starting strongSwan 5.2.0 IPsec [starter]...
> No leaks detected, 1 suppressed by whitelist

So the authentication does not use SHA2 and some of the tests in
evaltest.dat therefore fail.

Check your testing.conf (or testing.conf.local) file and see if you
actually have version 5.3.0 set in SWANVERSION.


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