[strongSwan] RSA-encr authentication IKEv1 - no RSA private key found for

Alex Zetaeffesse fzetafs at gmail.com
Mon May 18 11:42:49 CEST 2015

Hi there,

I'm trying to build a tunnel with key-auth between strongswan and a Cisco
Phase 1 doesn't complete successfully because StrongSwan complains that it
cannot find a key for the the other side.

May 17 05:52:10 ubuntu charon: 05[IKE] no RSA private key found for

however the key is loaded fine when I reload ipsec

May 17 05:42:12 ubuntu charon: 00[CFG]   loaded RSA private key from

and ipsec.secrets looks as follows : RSA /etc/ipsec.d/private/ubuntu_prv.key

root at ubuntu:/etc# ls -la /etc/ipsec.secrets
-r-------- 1 root root 1679 May 15 03:02 /etc/ipsec.d/private/ubuntu_prv.key
-rw------- 1 root root  379 May 17 05:42 /etc/ipsec.secrets

root at ubuntu:~/temp# head -2 /etc/ipsec.d/private/ubuntu_prv.key
(it's not encrypted)

Where am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance, Alex
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