[strongSwan] Strongswan unity plugin features

Meduri Siva Prasad sivaprasad at freescale.com
Wed May 13 12:16:31 CEST 2015


I am using Strongswan 5.2.1 as both VPN client and server.

Strongswan unity successfully supports virtual Ip for clients, Split-Include and dns.

But, Strongswan Unity plugin  doesn't support options like splitdns, backupserver, default domain, nbns , unity banner.

However, These features can be configured in /etc/strongswan.d/charon/attr.conf.

So, these features are supported when strongswan acts as VPN server but not VPN client. Hence, when server sends these attributes, the strongswan client doesn't have the ability to accept and install locally and use it later.(ex:backupserver)

Can anyone please suggest me the way to support these options.


Best Regards,
Siva Prasad.
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