[strongSwan] IKEv2 RW - IPv6 issues

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I have 1 physical machine, a Hyper-V host, that runs a Slackware linux 14.1


The linux guest has a bridged NIC to the host and has IPv6 connectivity via
a Sixxs AICCU (tun0) tunnel.

I use this as my ISP gives me dynamic IPv4 and no IPv6.


The strongswan host gets the ipv6 2604:8800:100:277::2/64 with the remote
endpoint being 2604:8800:100:277::1

IPv6 Prefix          2604:8800:100:277::1/64

PoP IPv6              2604:8800:100:277::1

Your IPv6             2604:8800:100:277::2


IPv6 Them           2604:8800:100:277::2/64

Prefix    2604:8800:100:8277::/64

Reverse Zone


IPv6 connectivity on the strongswan host works fine.

Road warriors connecting via the IPsec tunnel cannot use IPv6.


I have setup strongSwan with a mobile android user and everything over IPv4
works fine.

In spite of the android getting an IPv6 address from strongSwan, it is
unable to ping6 anyone but itself.


I have tried using
l and with some assistance from #strongswan at Freenode to no avail.

I am posting my long configuration below, what am I missing here?


The strongswan host is running a 4.0.1 kernel

The android host is using the strongSwan client and is running a
3.4.42-g77cbf41 kernl on armv7l GNU/Linux

You can view a network diagram at: http://i.imgur.com/0A85oJC.jpg

You can view the logs at: http://pastebin.ca/2996609



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