[strongSwan] Issue with load-tester

sunny kumar sunnykumar.18jun at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 07:17:11 CEST 2015


I am trying client-server eap-aka scenario.  I am able to get the
connection established for normal strongswan client and strongswan server.

Now when I am trying to the same strongswan server with load-tester client,
then connection fails. In log file on load-tester client side I can see
following prints :

Received MAC does not match with XMAC.

 no USIM found with quintuplets for '
0123456700000000 at wlan.mnc212.mcc091.3gppnetwork.org' , sending

Strongswan.conf that I have used on load-tester client is following:

                plugins {

                load-tester {

                                enable = yes

                                initiators = 1

                                iterations = 1

                                delay = 1000

                                responder =

                                proposal = aes128-sha1-modp1024

                                initiator_auth = eap

                                responder_auth = pubkey

                                initiator_id =
0123456700000000 at wlan.mnc212.mcc091.3gppnetwork.org

                                responder_id = moon.strongswan.org

                                request_virtual_ip = yes

                                ike_rekey = 0

                                child_rekey = 0

                                delete_after_establishment = no

                                shutdown_when_complete = no



Please let me know if I am missing something.

Thanks in advance.


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