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Wed Jun 10 06:30:12 CEST 2015

I am new to strongswan and wish to have help and example on the setup

I have Xen VPS that has a public IP but no local IP. I wish to make a
IPSec connection from my remote site through a Netgear router to the
VPS. How can I achieve the purpose?

My Xen VPS is currently using Debian 7 32 bits and strongswan is
compiled from the latest source. I am able to make a PSK Auth using my
iphone or android to connect to Xen VPS without problem. A virtual IP
is created and it can make use of the public IP of the Xen VPS to surf
the web.

My next task is to create a IPSec connection between my VPS and local router

My local set up is a Netgear SRX 5308 router which has build in IPSec VPN

The Netgear is sitting on a dual Public IP and serves my local PCs via
DHCP with range Attached is a capture of what I can
configure with my netgear. I have looked at the wiki example but not
sure how to proceed. There seems no example could be found upon

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