[strongSwan] Win 8.1 fails to connect - error 809 - fragmentation problem?

Conrad Kostecki ck+strongswanusers at bl4ckb0x.de
Sun Jun 7 22:54:11 CEST 2015

Hello Noel,

> tcpdumps are completely unusable for debugging purposes.
> Please create a log file using a filelogger[1] and the following 
> settings.

thanks for your reply. I wasn't aware, that they are completely 
Here is the log file: https://www.bl4ckb0x.de/charon.log

> Then pastebin us that log. For the moment, try setting leftid to the
> public IP of your server.
You mean leftid=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx? I've done so now. It didn't help.

> Fragmentation is only a problem if there is a broken router
> in between, you're using IPv4, and the packets get larger than the MTU.

Okay. At least I am using IPv4.


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