[strongSwan] Forecast plug-in.

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Fri Jan 23 09:52:08 CET 2015

> 0.2131s / 2079 times in lock created at: dumping 7 stack frame addresses:
>   /usr/lib/ipsec/libstrongswan.so.0 @ 0xb7708000 [0xb774aee5]

This is a lock profiler backtrace. It is usually required only if you
want to find lock bottlenecks, but for normal operation/testing you
should build without the --enable-lock-profiler ./configure option.

> leftsubnet=
> rightsourceip=

First, the forecast plugin requires that you set mark=%unique on the
connection you want to forward broadcasts to/from. Second, your traffic
selectors must include the broadcast/multicast addresses you want to
forward in each direction, as IPsec policy matching is still in place.
Refer to the configuration of moon in the forecast test case [1] for an
example. Windows sends some broadcasts as over the IPsec
tunnel, so you might want to include that address as well.



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