[strongSwan] GCM/AES-NI Performance

McCaffrey, Timothy M Timothy.McCaffrey at unisys.com
Mon Jan 19 21:21:28 CET 2015

Sydney Meyer wrote:

>I am getting about 400 Mbit/s with iperf on Debian 7 (AMD64) with Linux 3.16.7, strongSwan 5.2.1 and "ike=aes128gcm16-aesxcbc-modp1024", "esp=aes128gcm16-modp1024" on a Intel Haswell i3 (4130T).

Performance tests I've done indicate somewhere between 25-40 Megabytes per CPU Ghz.  IOW, for a i3-4130 (max 2.9 Ghz) you would
expect somewhere between 70-125 Megabytes/second.  

1) Do you have hyperthreading on?  Turn it off, IPsec is pretty serialized, it is better to have faster CPUs rather than more of them.

2) Use mpstat & top to determine actual CPU usage.  
	a) If you are pegging a CPU, perhaps there is some tuning for the NIC that may help (irq coalescing, etc).
	b) If the CPU is not pegged, then perhaps you are having a TCP issue, and need to run iperf 
	     with bigger buffers/window sizes (some tweeking Is also possible using ifconfig).

	Good luck - Tim

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