[strongSwan] xAuth request for VICI

Sam Johnson sam at 80pct.com
Thu Feb 26 23:40:13 CET 2015

Hello Martin,

Your fix to use the ordered dictionary worked perfectly. Thank you very
much. It is now accepting vpn connections.

Regarding the `vips` configuration, I thought that it was the replacement
for the `rightsourceip` option in ipsec.conf (obviously I misinterpreted
the documentation). It does work when I create a pool as you specified, but
if I want to give each connection a static pre-determined ip is there
anyway to do that other than creating a pool for each connection?


On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 4:32 AM, Martin Willi <martin at strongswan.org> wrote:

> > Are you using the Python library? I think ruby gets this right, as it is
> > guaranteed that "Hashes enumerate their values in the order that the
> > corresponding keys were inserted.". Probably not true for Python.
> Maybe using collections.OrderedDict to define your tree helps.
> Regards
> Martin
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