[strongSwan] eap-radius and ssha passwords

Alexey Beketov opt1k2 at mail.ru
Sun Feb 22 19:31:29 CET 2015

I'm trying to make strongswan authorize and authenticate against freeipa through eap-radius. Client is my android phone and strongswan app (I'd like to use MOBIKE). 
I've sucessfully configured freeradius to query freeipa via ldap protocol.
After some playing I've figured out that freeipa stores passwords in ssha hash. So to got everything work freeradius needs passwords in clear-text or ssha.
The only way I got IPSEC to work on my phone is using xauth + psk and native android vpn client. But that way is using ikev1 and thus I can't use MOBIKE.
My question: Is there any way to use eap-radius and ssha passwords to get ikev2 support?
May be it is possible to pass clear-text passwords using eap-radius?
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