[strongSwan] Ipsec up/down(brining up one client up/down) is a trigger to bring back up A non-responsive server

meenakshi bangad mbangad at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 23:22:44 CET 2015

I am experiencing a very interesting behaviour with Strongswan server.

Using the load tester plugin I can bring up multiple clients. I have set up
about 200 clients on 2 machines (each running 100 Ipsec tunnels to the
I have my own traffic generator which is sending traffic across this
multiple tunnels.

Initially everything runs fine, but after some time  I start getting
time-outs in my traffic generator application. I have tried modifying the
sysctl settings etc,
but nothing has worked. If during that time I bring up another client
everything starts to work back again. So the trigger to non -responsive
server is brining a tunnels up and down. Since
I have been doing this the generator on the other 200 tunnels never times
out. It seems like the server is stuck somewhere and the a tunnel up or
down breaks that loop.

Has anyone else experiencing the same behaviour ?


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