[strongSwan] Problem connecting to a Cisco Unity gateway

Tobias Brunner tobias at strongswan.org
Wed Feb 18 17:03:30 CET 2015

Hi Bas,

> So am I right that the only thing left to do is configure my system so
> that packets to hosts on the subnet appear to come from
> a host on the subnet?
> To accomplish this I already added the additional IP address
> to my NIC (besides the DHCP configured
> What's the next step? Do I need to add a route or some iptables rule?

strongSwan should find the address you added to the NIC and install an
appropriate route to routing table 220 automatically.  You may check
with `ip route list table 220`.  This route will look similar to this: via <default GW> dev eth0 proto static src

This should force as source address for packets sent to
hosts in  (Depending on how the other peer is configured
you might want to try a different IP from your source subnet e.g. .17,
because .16 is the network ID, while .31 is the broadcast address).


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