[strongSwan] Encoding of IDi in ASN1Dn format

Mukesh Yadav write2mukesh84 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 19:53:41 CET 2015


Mail below is for IKEv2 standard, posting on Strong-swan mailer with hope
that may be I can get some pointer...

I have a query regarding encoding of IDi(ASN1DN) in IKE_AUTH payload as per
RFC 5996.
Tried to find online, what encoding mechanism shall be used for IDi(ASN1DN)
Couldn't precisely found any reference.

For Use of ASN1DN format, reference in RFC 5996 is for RFC 5280. which is
used for Cert and CRL.
Not sure whether same RFC has to be followed for encoding IDi1 as well, if
IDi is in ASn1Dn format.

RFC 5280 says use while encoding Dictionary type for attribute value to be
printeableString or UTF8String.

RFC 5280 obseletes, RFC 3280 which says preferred type is UTF8String.

I am exactly not able to confirm which standard shall be followed while
encoding IDi in ASN1DN format to be in compliance with RFC 5996.

Any pointers for same will be appreciated...

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