[strongSwan] [KNL] received netlink error: No such file or directory (2) - unable to add SAD entry with SPI

Conrad Kostecki ck at conrad-kostecki.de
Tue Dec 29 16:04:30 CET 2015

Hi Thomas!

Am 28.12.2015 um 23:33 schrieb Thomas Egerer:
> The fact that aes and sha1 are available, the message is OK and
> that the kernel apparently returns ENOENT if the loading of a
> particular module fails, leads me to believe that the modules
> from [1] are missing, particularely the . Or is there any chance the
> kernel you emerged, has some Gentoo-only patches?

Yes, I am using "gentoo-sources". They contain some patches.
  * Applying 1000_linux-4.3.1.patch
  * Applying 1000_linux-4.3.2.patch
  * Applying 1002_linux-4.3.3.patch
  * Applying 1500_XATTR_USER_PREFIX.patch
  * Applying 1510_fs-enable-link-security-restrictions-by-default.patch
  * Applying 2700_ThinkPad-30-brightness-control-fix.patch
  * Applying 2900_dev-root-proc-mount-fix.patch
  * Applying 4200_fbcondecor-3.19.patch
  * Applying 4567_distro-Gentoo-Kconfig.patch
Those are beeing applied.

> You can modify the kernel module loader as described in [2], to log
> attempts of module loading prior to the actual loading is done. This
> along with a list of loaded modules before and after the tunnel
> initiation should get is (hopefully) further.

I will try that. But I don't have any modules. All my modules are 
compiled into my kernel. I still have enabled module loading, but don't 
load any.. so /proc/modules is empty..


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