[strongSwan] tearing my hair out over connection issue

Raina Matthews rainamatthews at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 00:35:52 CET 2015

I've put logs in a previous post, but I wanted to reply and say, yes you 
are correct, I don't really understand what many of the options do, but 
I've been going through various configuration options over the past 
several days trying everything and anything that might help me progress 
further.  it doesn't seem to matter what I put in however, I always seem 
to get the same issue.

I started off with some config that I pulled off a cisco website, 
figuring that since the iOS ipsec client is branded as cisco, that might 
be a good place to start.  when that didn't get me anywhere I went 
through the various configs at 
https://www.strongswan.org/uml/testresults/ikev1/ basically throwing in 
various options that I thought might work, based on things I read 
elsewhere regarding NAT and being behind firewalls etc

so please forgive the 'mess' of my config.  I've tried everything and 
anything, and what was posted was what I had at the time.

On 12/11/2015 11:05, Noel Kuntze wrote:
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> Hello Raina,
> Please show us complete logs of both sides and the config of the other side.
> Try to connect to it with strongSwan and a matching config.

> Btw, leftsourceip in combination with rightsourceip in the same config already
> show that there is a big misunderstanding of what the options do.
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> Noel Kuntze
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> n2y/c+kq7dsVf9E2C1LnpvfaIAsHvqNZDeXyNyo4W32KwHHIWnqytV7ybCWYVXhW
> 9wkfI6tm9+Q8p8dWRvSvnxUSFO3SGKxVhjAa8S5ZbXV2+2AmhpwYz7gxknPErJPm
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> jDnYKvSyWUsQRXVB5Uw+jguopcAPse98tJGYBbrM1Ko3td/wJw8ZftzZ2j9BmIpw
> HANj9R5jPYr/X+iCZxjOmci5XNpcBUEAeZM2Y7GaahQL4XGd4pJciR9QGeNaXFEq
> Xh/+RSRX9AGIYwnyay+B+Cf402133JISRgi05OD1IUr0V9VXRE+agN1qB5+W9HiD
> 6SZAuANZC787IHLtLfW2d5fE6ytk8xitgxjmRwFim7i6dedMcdc8BTh0SawSe/DS
> T8r/zWlzNiH3YZaKVdOc
> =27aU

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