[strongSwan] How to Create Multiple Tunnel between 1:N peer

samiran saha samiran.linux at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 11:37:19 CET 2015

My requirement is I have to create multiple tunnel between 1:N peer.
Scenario is depicted in following :

     moon                                                 sun
   Machine_1 (MC1)                             Machine_2 (MC2)
    <Peer*N*>                                         <Peer2>  <  --------------------------->  <  ---------------------------- >
          .          <  ---------------------------- >
          .          <  ----------------------------->
   ( N Alias IPs)

Machine_1 has multiple alias ip and Machine_2 has only one ip. I want to
create tunnel between each alias ip in MC1 and single ip of MC2. I have
make psk entry in ipsec.secrets and add multiple entry in both file for
multiple connection but its is not working.
If anyone can provide me the configuration for moon and sun machine, it
would be helpful for me. Thanks in Advance

Thanks & Regards,
Samiran Saha
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