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Andreas Steffen andreas.steffen at strongswan.org
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Cześć Jacek,

the private key is loaded via an entry in /etc/ipsec.secrets:

 : RSA gwKey.pem  "<optional password>"

and the actual key file must be stored in the /etc/ipsec.d/private/
directory. If your gateway certificate is bundled with the matching
private key in a PKCS#12 file then alternatively you can add the

 : P12 gwCert.p12  "<password>"

in ipsec.secrets.



On 11/21/2014 03:39 PM, Leszczynski, Jacek (NSN - PL/Wroclaw) wrote:
> Hi,
> quick question.
> I try to set up certificate ipsec connection, but I have some issues
> mainly I don’t know how my private key should be set –up on secGw. I am
> getting certificate from an CA server on device and I manually copied
> the same certificate to secGw but phase 2 for ike does not work since I
> do not have private.key in ipsec.secrets file. What should I do?    
> Br
> Jacek

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