[strongSwan] How do we assign backupserver ipaddresses list and other cisco specific options, using modeconfig to cisco vpn clients?

Rajiv Kulkarni rajivkulkarni69 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 15:15:19 CET 2014


I have read thru the cisco unity plugin options and also the attr-plugin
attributes. There is no mention of pushing backupserver ipaddress to the
remote cisco vpn client using the modeconfig. Is there any way we could set
this or its not supported at all in strongswan (iam using strongswan-v5.0.4
on a Linux-FC14 box as a RW-Server)

Also there seems to be some cisco specific options mentioned in the config
of EZVPN Client on one of Cisco Small Business router (i think it uses
openswan) which can act as a vpn client...can these options be pushed using
the cisco-unity plugin and the attr-plugin in combination on a
strongswan-5.0.4 vpn server?

thanks & regards
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