[strongSwan] Looking for person to help me setup StrongSwan

kemeris kemeris2000 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 12:29:19 CET 2014

Looking for experience person to help me setup StrongSwan with 
FreeRadius auth. System in intended to service approx 1000 users.
I am willing to pay, please suggest your price by contacting me 
kemeris2000 at gmail.com
Payment by PayPal only.

Server requirements:

1. Server should support variety of devices (native clients): iOS 5-8, 
Android 3.x-5, Mac OS X 10.x, Windows XP - Win8.1, Windows Phone, Linux, 
Blackberry 10.x
2. Two communication profiles for each device (if supported by OS), with 
and without x.509 certs (our own PKI).
3. Ability to assign static Virtual IP via FreeRadius to specific 
4. Ability to assign public IP to specific clients.
5. Ability to limit bandwidth of specific clients (if possible)
6. Push DNS servers to clients from FreeRadius (if possible).
7. Recommendation for proper firewall setup (iptables).
8. Maybe some recommendations for future improvements.

My current progress:

CentOS x64, Strongswan with several connection profiles already set up, 
successfully authenticating against Freeradius.
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