[strongSwan] Dead peer detection & Strongswan Android client

mc mc at sigterm.ch
Mon May 12 14:29:56 CEST 2014



I have a setup, similar to this one:

When my client goes offline because of dead peer detection, my client
will never come back online. The only thing that helps is to disconnect
& reconnect the tunnel again on the client. It seems like the client
still thinks the tunnel is connected but the server already cleaned up
the connection. 

I've found this thread in the mailing list
where Andreas Steffen suggests to configure "dpdaction=restart" on the
Linux client. As I am using the official Strongswan Android client I
cannot find any possibility to configure anything related to DPD. Do you
have a solution for this problem? I basically would like to use Dead
Peer Detection on the server, but the Android client should come back
online when the connectivity is available again... 

Thanks a lot 


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