[strongSwan] Test with lots of concurrent connections

Steffen Heil (Mailinglisten) lists at steffen-heil.de
Mon Mar 31 12:26:01 CEST 2014


I am working on a project where I want a central system to accept connections from thousands of other systems as fast as possible.
There will not be a lot of traffic but the tunnels must be established as soon as possible and they need to be closely monitored using dead peer detection.
For now I want to support about 10.000 clients.

So, I have two questions:
- Are there generally things I should consider from the beginning that will limit the amount of connections handled by strongswan?
- Did someone build a test scenario that tests such amounts of clients? If so, are you willing to share ideas or even code? (I am thinking about using linux lxc containers on multiple machines with lots of memory.... - any better ideas?)

Thanks a lot,


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