[strongSwan] Question on using libcharon

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Fri Mar 21 16:20:33 CET 2014

Hi Noam,

> When peering two instances of this code with each other, I have a race
> where one instance believes that it has a valid outgoing child_sa, and the
> other does not yet recognize this SPI.

When initiating connections from both ends, you should take care to
avoid having two tunnels established. An appropriate uniqueids policy
can help, but preferably you should avoid initiating connections
simultaneously from both ends. Having clear initiator/responder roles is
certainly a good idea, alternatively you might want to install IPsec
trap policies to trigger connections on demand.

> I believe the reason for this race is that both sides have initiator=false

I don't think there is an "initiator" option. Do you refer to the
"initiator_only" strongswan.conf setting? If that is set to "yes",
libcharon does not accept any IKE_SA_INT request messages, but allows
active connection initiation only.

> and are installing the child-sa from build_r() - whereas the intention was
> that one side would have initiator=true and install the SA only in
> process_r().

When establishing a connection, the responder installs the CHILD_SA
while building the last IKE_AUTH (or CREATE_CHILD_SA) message. The
initiator installs the SA while processing that last message.

So in theory it might happen that the responder already uses the SA
before the initiator has the same SA installed. Usually this is not much
a problem, but can happen when the IKE packet is delayed or gets lost
and must be retransmitted.


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