[strongSwan] ipcomp stats

Raoul Duke rduke496 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 17:39:22 CET 2014


I would like to see stats on what value-add users are getting from ipcomp.

Currently "ipsec statusall" returns me the bytes_in and bytes_out per user.

When ipcomp is in play - are these stats before or after compression?
Would it be feasible to add stats (byte counters) for the other
(before or after compression)?  If you think it is sensible/feasible
then I'd be happy to write a patch if you can point me in the
direction of where the compression happens.  I had a look at the code
and tls_compression.c seems to be involved but I am not clear where
the low level "make a big buffer into a smaller one" code lives.  A
quick pointer here would help.

More generally - do you think it would make sense to provide a /proc/
interface for the stats in "ipsec statusall"?  I'd rather not have to
scrape the output of that to access them (I know about the Radius
interaction which can store accounting stats in a DB but I'm not
planning to use that right now).

Or do you envisage some other RPC mechanism to access stats?  I'm sure
this has been discussed before so it would be interesting to hear what
ideas you had.  At a most basic level - it would be nice if there was
another variant of "ipsec statusall" which is more parseable by
scripting languages, e.g. JSON or even just TAB delimited.

Finally: is ipcomp known to work with IOS devices?


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