[strongSwan] 102x102 Host2Host tunnels - failure to reestablish some of them after network outage

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Tue Jul 8 10:03:53 CEST 2014


> Our requirement is to keep retrying the tunnel no matter what happens,
> so I ended up with config like below for each host.

> It seems that strongswan just stopped trying to connect to
> some of the nodes (the failed "tunnels" are between different nodes, the
> distribution seems to be random). I am out of ideas why strongswan gave
> up trying and how to force real "forever retry".

>         keyingtries=%forever
>         dpdaction=restart
>         closeaction=restart
>         auto=start

Even with such a configuration, there is no guarantee that your tunnel
comes up. strongSwan gives up tunnel negotiation if it fails with a
permanent error.

To realize always-up tunnels, I recommend to use auto=route for your
connections. This installs trap policies, and negotiates tunnels on
demand. The kernel ensures that no matching plain traffic leaves your
box, but instead it triggers a new tunnel should one fail for whatever


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