[strongSwan] URI for crl in ldap directory question

lux-integ lux-integ at btconnect.com
Fri Jan 17 10:46:34 CET 2014


I am trying to configure an ldap server to place a crl therein and I am having 
doficulty specifing the URI of the crl file

The ldap directory    will have  a dn   such as the following
dn: cn=Example CRL,ou=services,dc=example,dc=com

I have a crl  file  in def form ( i.e. crl.der ) and the ldif crl.ldif    
looks something like this:-
certificateRevocationList;binary:< file:///path/to/crl.der

and added to the database like so:-
ldapmodify -x -W -D "cn=Manager,dc=example,dc=com" -f crl.ldif 

The strongswam docs have the following   when using ldap to store crls:-
    distPts: ldap://ldap.strongswan.org/o=Linux strongSwan, c=CH

I do not know how to specify the URI   for my 'certificateRevocationList' in 
the   de=example.dc=com  
ldap server setup as shown above.

Help/guidance would be appreciated.


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