[strongSwan] strongswan-5.1.1 with 4.xx, tunnel pb

Volker Rümelin vr_strongswan at t-online.de
Mon Jan 6 21:58:53 CET 2014

Hello Serge,

> Hello,
> I made some homework and found out different elements, which may help to troubleshoot.
>>> This packet was a large packet and was sent as two UDP fragments.
> What looked like to be a packet fragmentation, in fact appeared to be two different CAs sent in the key exchange.
> I had 2 CAs in the "cacert" folder due to the coming expiration of one of them. So I removed the expired one and the packet duplication was solved.

sorry, but I doubt this solved your fragmentation problem. To be sure I 
suggest you once again initiate a ikev2 connection and capture the 
packets with tcpdump on both sides at the same time. Something like

root at bt:~ # tcpdump -i eth0 -n -v -s 0 'host'

root at karma:~ # tcpdump -i eth0 -n -v -s 0 'host'

And I would also like to see

# tail -f /var/log/messages | grep 'charon:'

from both sides.

Btw. did you read the strongswan documentation about ikev1 
fragmentation? Especially the part since which strongswan version it is 
available? Ikev1 doesn't help here.


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