[strongSwan] roadwarrior as gateway, possible?

Zesen Qian strongswan-users at riaqn.com
Tue Dec 23 02:47:59 CET 2014

Hi all,
I 'm configuring a special roadwarrior and I'm quite new to IPsec world,
so plz correct me if I'm wrong. :-)
I want to config it in such way:

0. Riaqn-Laptop is my old laptop acting as gateway in my home, the lan
is, and the external IP is dynamically allocated.
Riaqn-VPS is VPS, which has a static IP(that Riaqn-Laptop can
connect to).

1. Laptop as initiator, VPS as responder. Once the connection is
established, Laptop give the VPS a virtual IP in (just as
the local lan machines). Does dhcp and farp plugin do the trick?

2. Then all outgoing traffic in the lan goes through IPsec, that is, if
a normal computer in the lan connecting a outside server, the server
should see the VPS's IP.

Is it possible by strongswan? I 've seen lots of config examples on
strongswan website, but none of which is like what I said. I have
strugled for more than a week... BTW, is there any good article that
explains about traffic selector/routing in IPsec(for a beginner)? 
Any comments is appreciated!
Zesen Qian (钱泽森)
School of Software
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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