[strongSwan] ipsec to strongswan on VPS

Eric Y. Zhang debiansid at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 13:26:33 CET 2014

Hi all
I need to setup an IPSec tunnel to my VPS which only has one public IP.
so I add eth0.1, and follow  the steps on
http://www.strongswan.org/uml/testresults/ikev2/net2net-psk/; and I can see
ipsec tunnel is up on both sides.

 unabove[7]: ESTABLISHED 39 minutes ago,[user1]...[192.99.xx.xx]
    runabove{1}:  INSTALLED, TUNNEL, ESP in UDP SPIs: c7f24174_i c2289fb5_o
    runabove{1}: ===

but I can not ping from my side(which is strongswan on openwrt)

any help would be appreciated

Life is harsh
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