[strongSwan] Charon crash

Martin Willi martin at strongswan.org
Mon Aug 11 12:04:34 CEST 2014

Hi Noel,

> 31[IKE] DH group ECP_521 inacceptable, requesting ECP_512_BP
> 31[IKE] IKE_SA strongswan-app[38] state change: CONNECTING => DESTROYING
> 31[DMN] thread 31 received 11
> 31[LIB]  dumping 11 stack frame addresses:
> 31[LIB]   /usr/lib/libpthread.so.0 @ 0x7fed6a5a7000 [0x7fed6a5b64b0]
> 31[LIB]     -> sigaction.c:?
> 31[LIB]   /usr/lib/ipsec/plugins/libstrongswan-eap-radius.so @ 0x7fed60396000 [0x7fed6039bd38]
> 31[LIB]     -> ??:?
> 31[LIB]   /usr/lib/ipsec/libcharon.so.0 @ 0x7fed6a7c5000 [0x7fed6a7d096d]
> 31[LIB]     -> ??:0

Looks like something goes wrong in the EAP-RADIUS plugin. Have you
enabled RADIUS accounting in this setup?

Unfortunately ,your backtrace does not include debugging symbols and
line numbers. Did you build with "-g", and avoided to strip your
binaries? That would certainly help to debug this issue.


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