[strongSwan] Certificate request payload with empty CA name

Shashidhar Patil shashi_patil77 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 30 10:19:07 CEST 2013


As per the Note in "3GPP TS 33.310 V9.5.0 (2010-12)"  under  "Section  6.2.1     IKEv1 Phase 1 profile"  :
NOTE 1:   At least a CERTREQ payload with an empty CA name field should be sent to avoid interoperability problems.
 	* is there a way to make strongswan to send a "certreq" payload with empty CA name field ? I could think of any parameter to make strongswan to do this.
	* How will strongswan behave when it receives such certreq payload ?

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Shashidhar Patil
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