[strongSwan] regarding dns resolution

Rakesh Bansod rakesh.bansod1209 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 14:15:23 CEST 2013

I want to know how the dns is resolved in strongswan.
if i give right=rakesh.com and for this a particular ip is written in
/etc/hosts, so the connection goes up easily.
But in logs it shows the ip while connecting this means that somewhere
inside the name is replaced by ip.
what actually happen???

also i made other side "rakesh.com" to drop esp packets and changed the ip
address of "rakesh.com" in /etc/hosts while live connection.
when i ping "rakesh.bansod" it tries to recoonect to "rakesh.com" because
of dpdaction=restart.
but problem is that it didn't knew that the ip is changed and still tries
with the same ip.
also i tried ipsec update, but it didn't worked.
what should i do if i now the dns of other party which keeps on changing
its ip address then how to make connection in such case.
please help.

thank you.
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