[strongSwan] Please help: Cannot route (statically) through the Strongswan tunnel

Răzvan Sandu razvan.sandu at mobexpert.ro
Fri Oct 4 11:31:37 CEST 2013


... and thanks for your kind response.  :)

Pe 04.10.2013 11:00, Martin Willi a scris:

> How does your left/rightsubnet configuration look like? Have you
> included all the subnets to tunnel? What shows "ipsec statusall"?
> Does a ping from make it to the first gateway? To the
> second? Does the reply get lost on the return path?

As an example, I have (for the left NAT gateway in the provided picture):

conn whatever

and a mirror one at the right.

A ping from reaches the first gateway (left.example.com) 
with no difficulty, as well as the Internet (including right.example.com 
on the public address,

> Regards
> Martin

Thanks again,
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