[strongSwan] Please help: Cannot route (statically) through the Strongswan tunnel

Răzvan Sandu razvan.sandu at mobexpert.ro
Thu Oct 3 15:34:03 CEST 2013


Probably my question is already a FAQ, but I am asking for your kind 
help, since I was unable to find the answer in official Strongswan 

Please consider the attached PNG network diagram (which is totally 

I already have a working Strongswan tunnel between the two NAT gateways 
(running CentOS 6.4) and I am able to ping any host from 
to and reverse.

However, even if the four backoffice routers contain (static) routes, 
given as:

/sbin/ip route add <network>/<prefix> via <gateway> dev <interface>

I am unable to ping between,, 
and (from each other). Of course, I AM able to ping 
between the LANs on EACH SIDE of the tunnel, but not OVER the tunnel.

After establishing the tunnel, I am unable to enter static routes in the 
NAT gateways themselves, since Strongswan does not create any virtual 
tunnel interface, to be used as the <interface> parameter in the command 
line above.

Could you please provide the correct solution (or point me to relevant 
documentation)? Maybe it will help other users, too.


Best regards,

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