[strongSwan] farp plugin with two partially overlapping networks

Anton warm at mtele.pro
Fri May 17 06:42:15 CEST 2013

Good day.

I need to connect two offices with this theme:

( - main NET1)--[Main VPN gateway]=={internet}==[office VPN gateway]--( - office NET2)

NET2 is a part of NET1 -- this is customer requirement. The usual way is to made bridged L2 over some kind of VPN.
People use openvpn in this case.

Actually I do not like openvpn and even more do not like L2 tunnels. So tunnel should be L3 but it should look like L2
for hosts from NET1 to NET2 and vice versa. There is no need for broadcasts, IPX and other L2-dependend protocols to
work through tunnel. Only tcp/ip stack protocols needed.

There is no much good documentation about farp plugin and there are no examples, I did not find them at google.
Documentation tells only about one client and one VPN gateway. I'm interesting on theme with two VPN gateways and two
overlapping networks.

Is it possible to use farp plugin for this task ?

If no, is any other way to solve the problem with strongswan ?

MT NOC division head
tel. 8 (3822) 555-797

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